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Re: NFC: Re: Darter tanks and other stuff

Moontanman at aol_com wrote:
> Without too much trouble a tank in the 700 gallon range can be built. The
> taller it is the more expensive it will be and harder to maintain. A tank
> with the internal dimensions of 150"L X 36"W X 30"T would hold about 700
> gallons. the exposed span of glass would be 144"L X 24"T. That would give you
> room for a 3" lip around the front of the tank to support the glass. I would
> use 3/8 tempered or 1/2 plate, since the glass is not part of the supporting
> structure it doesn't have to be as thick as with an all glass tank. You could
> make it 12" wider and bring it into the 1000 gallon range without changing
> anything else. It would take quite a bit of woodworking, patience and time.
> But the tank would be spectacular.

Can you point me to any resources on how to go about building such a
tank?  Long and low is preferable to me anyway and those dimensions
sound about right.  I also very much like the 36" width.  My current
tank is only 18" wide and the larger fishes have to slow down to a stop
to turn around.  Anyway, like I said, I've got space, and I've got time,
and tools.  Most importantly, I've got a wife who is also into fish and
it will be an easier sell than telling her we need a new dual-processor
computer. ;-)

Yeah I could see that... a 12 foot wall completely covered by one huge
tank... directly accross from a wall of smaller "breeder" tanks with the
ends facing forward.  The huge tank would allow for many different
micro-environments to be established, since one end could have quite a
rowdy current while the other is calm and tranquil.

[pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin]

Considering my wife has been begging me to give up the idea of having
dairy goats (I've been saving that ace for bargaining power for
something like this) this should be pretty easy to pull off with her
considering she likes fish and hates goats.  :-)