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Re: NFC: Re: Darter tanks and other stuff

I'm the only person I know of that does that sort of thing, it would take a 
lot of plywood, glue, and epoxy. You would have to build a plywood frame and 
then glue plywood sheets inside the frame to make it all one piece the frame 
wood be about 1.5" thick and the sides would be 3/4" thick. The frame would 
have to be built up from thin strips of plywood glued in alternating layers 
for strength. I can see it, but it's difficult to explain. The easy way is to 
just use 3/4" thick plywood and make a box and cut out the top and side. That 
wouldn't work for a tank this big as the biggest Plywood only comes in 12' X 
4' sheet at the most and its very expensive, so building up from small strips 
will bring down the costs.