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Re: NFC: Re: Darter tanks and other stuff

Without too much trouble a tank in the 700 gallon range can be built. The 
taller it is the more expensive it will be and harder to maintain. A tank 
with the internal dimensions of 150"L X 36"W X 30"T would hold about 700 
gallons. the exposed span of glass would be 144"L X 24"T. That would give you 
room for a 3" lip around the front of the tank to support the glass. I would 
use 3/8 tempered or 1/2 plate, since the glass is not part of the supporting 
structure it doesn't have to be as thick as with an all glass tank. You could 
make it 12" wider and bring it into the 1000 gallon range without changing 
anything else. It would take quite a bit of woodworking, patience and time. 
But the tank would be spectacular.