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NFC: adopt-a-tank program

     I thought I would let everyone know what I have run into in setting
up a native tank in my boys 6th grade class. The tank was originally
setup with a few young darters and some Gambusia, all from a local
stream near the school. The original plan was to have the class spread
out the maintence of the tank over all the students doing a little every
week. That isn't what happened. It ended up that my boy was the only one
to do anything to the tank at all. Also the school will only let kids
into the classrooms just before class starts. That doesn't give them
much time to do anything with the tank. The school also has an agenda to
teach the kids about many things. They cannot afford to devote a whole
semester or year to studying just native fish. In my boys class they are
required to do some morning work right off the bat. He was not getting
his done because he was required to maintain the aquarium. The rest of
the kids were getting their work done. This problem has been taken care
of with a talk to the teacher.  This program is a good idea, but who is
going to maintain the tanks at the schools? Most school systems will not
let strangers just walk in. This rules out the NFC member taking care of
the tank. I also want to know how many of you have actually approached a
teacher about the program and actually sat down and talked about it. The
schools today have alot to teach our kids with so little time. Will they
be able to squeeze any more into the day. This is some of the problems
that I have run into. Not here to offend anyone just letting you know
what is going on in Indiana. Back to lurking.

    A fish addict,