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Re: NFC: Adopt-A-Tank fine tuning

Tony you want to write a 1-2 paragraph on the adopt a tank program to be
run in the next flier ...we are doing a state of the state issue
highlighting all our programs....

On Tue, 18 May 1999 13:47:23 -0600 Tony <z966349 at niu_edu> writes:
>> I think it would be valuable to determine what part of the system 
>> breaking down here, and also if it is pervasive among other members 
>> well.  Anyone?  Anyone?
>It could just be a time factor as well. Most schools are getting 
>to shut down for the summer (if they haven't already done so), and 
>nature centers I have approached have schedules that would make a
>military commander blanch. My eagerness to see some projects start up
>has led to a certain degree of impatience on my part, but I do not 
>to turn off prospective project supporters through constant pestering. 
>think by showing them that the NFC is always there to help will
>eventually lead to more positive responses.
>> The information on the web page seems to put greater emphasis on 
>> sufficiency on the part of the educator, while providing an NFC > 
>contact point as an available resource.  Do you think the response > 
>would be more positive if NFC did more of the steering?
>There are a lot of ways in which the program can be utilized, and it 
>written in a way that attempts to make that fact known. I think it is
>important to make it known that NFC does not intend to control the
>adopt-a-tank projects, just be there on a continual basis to provide
>support in any way it can. Ideally, the projects should eventualy be
>self sufficient and NFC's importance as a resource should not be
>However, should anyone see parts of the adopt-a-tank protocol that 
>think should be emphasized more (or less) or changed in any way, by 
>means, please make your thoughts known for discussion. Every little 
>will help the future success of the program.
>> But do you think it is this more intensive
>> level of hand-holding and guidance that is missing and maybe 
>> them to lose interest?
>Could be in some cases, but the program has really only been around 
>a month or two. But perhaps you're right, maybe more attention from 
>will help get things rolling. I think once more projects and their
>accomplishments are made visible on the web site, greater interest 

Robert Rice
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