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NFC: Small marine tanks

>> Oh, yeah-I kept 2 clownfish  and an anemone in a 2 gallon hex tank for

>Thank you! I've been arguing with people for years that marines (the
>fish, not the military types) can be successfully kept in mini-tanks.
>I kept a young moray in a 4 gal desktop tank for over a year (before the
>critter grew too large) and had various damsels (none of whom died) in
>goldfish bowls. Whenever I bring it up, most people looks at me like I'm
	Truth be known, my clowns actually bred once in that little tank.  
	There is no reason why marines can't be kept in small tanks if it is
appropriate to their size.  The thing is, most people aren't willing to do
the necessary care and work to give their fish decent living conditions.
It just seems to me that if we are going to keep living things as pets or
research subjects, we cannot neglect them because of their status as test
subjects or pets.  
	I am seriously considering setting up a ten gallon marine tank, but in the
past my marine tanks were either 2 gallons or more than 380 gallons-nothing
in between.  If I lived near the ocean, I would probably have a two
thousand gallon tank instead of a garage!
Jim Colburn