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Re: NFC: Re: California

The Halls wrote:
> In speaking with the head guy at Fish and Game I have found you can collect
> but not keep (alive) any baitfish. I even asked about buying baitfish and
> putting them in a garden pond and he told me that was illegal.

As I said before, putting them in other (outdoor) waters is a *super* no-no.

You should see the mess in the Owens River from a pond of carp near Laws
that got flooded many, many years ago. In addition to ruining it for a
fishery, in the lower reaches, much of the habitat of the Owens Sucker was

AFAIK, the advice was right on. Incredible damage results from moving fish
to other waters (including your garden pond if it could overflow into a
storm drain). 

Now if we could just get the state to stop the distribution of gambusia in a
mistaken notion they are better mosquito controllers than the native fish.
In almost no cases are they useful, but they do love eggs and fry of
natives. :-(


                      Stop passing new laws!
       Repeal some dysfunctional ones. It will do far more good.* 
*We have too much gun control. We need idiot control.