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Re: NFC: Re: Sunfish: LIst Survey

I like your idea at the bottom, I'm going to look into implementation...

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On Thu, 13 May 1999, Chris Hedemark wrote:

> Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 18:19:39 -0400
> From: Chris Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com>
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> Subject: NFC: Re: Sunfish: LIst Survey
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> As for handling email attachments... I had an idea but lack the perl
> scripting skills to implement it... I was thinking that if majordomo was
> custom scripted for the NFC, it would be possible to do something like
> this:  when an email with an attachment is sent to the mailing list, the
> full message with attachment is included on the web-based archives, but
> in the email version the attachment is removed and replaced with a link
> to the archive version of the article.  This way I could, say, send a
> message describing a fish I found and send a picture attached to the
> message.  The mail server strips the picture, puts a link to it in its
> place, and copies the file to the web server mailing list archive.  So
> anyone who is interested in seeing the picture just clicks on the URL
> and off they go.  Email messages stay nice and small, and it doesn't
> take 30 minutes to download your email. :-)   Considering the price of
> hard disk space today, it would be MUCH cheaper to store it centrally
> than to store many copies of it all over the country.
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