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NFC: Off-topic, followup to Chris' suggestions

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Chris Hedemark wrote:
> > 8:  Would you like to see a FTP site for attachemnts (esp. id this fish
> > questions) to be uploaded to?
> Would rather see a web site.  ftp can be a pain.

	As a wise person once said, the web is the internet for those
who are ftp-challenged. :-) The quote is from the web-ice age (1994). 

> I think the web site is great but it needs a little more regular
> maintenance.  For example, there are many broken links.  It would be
> pretty easy to point a utility at the site which would search out and
> report on all broken links.  If you don't mind the intrusion, I could
> probably run such a script from here and send it if you are interested.

	I maintain the links. Being that I am a volunteer like the rest,
NFC work tends to be done when I have free time which has been rare in the
past few weeks for various reasons. With the links, I usually just add the
new links that people submit to me. I have not been very proactive about
tracing outdated links and updating them. 

	Sure, if you want to pitch in and help out, I really do not mind.
We can discuss more off-list.

	You made some good suggestions about the attachments. There are,
of course, alternative solutions to the problem of attachments.

	In my case, I have chosen to upgrade my email software to the
latest version (pine 4.10) and it makes handling of email and attachments

	Of course, I don't want to stop improvements to the NFC list. But,
then, we don't get attachments from just this list, do we?

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