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NFC: survey and list changes

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Depends on the day as to how much I check e-mail.  Usually several times, 
sometimes not at all.

I enjoy the lists for several reasons:  depth of knowledge and attitude and 
(to quote Moon) the camaraderie of list members.  I've been in the fish hobby 
off and on since my Dad took me to aquarium club meetings when I was a kid.  
I've rarely met anyone in the hobby I didn't like.  

I have to go along with Moon on not being too strict on off-topic subjects.  
I think most folks interested in native fish naturally have other outdoor 
related hobbies and most of the time I enjoy hearing about them even if I 
don't have a direct interest in them myself.  I suppose when they get out of 
hand, or should really be handled privately, someone could step in and gently 
remind folks to get closer to the main topic.  I also understand being too 
busy to read stuff and desperately sitting up at night trying to get through 
stuff so my mailbox doesn't get full.  

Also have to go along with Robert's observation about limiting the number of 
times the NFC application and repeated articles are posted.  

Also, I prefer not to get attachments.  NFC has posted several in the last 
couple of days and I have not been able to read any of them.  But maybe that 
is due to my own lack of computer skills.

Chuck Church