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Daphnia (Indoors)

I have raised daphnia indoors and these are my findings from experiments
and obversations.
10 gallon tank is a good size to begin.  I used areation to eliminate
heat layering and found that it is not ness.  The best results I had
were without areation.  A couple of leaves of green leaf lettuce sunk to
the bottom and then add Daphnia.  A layer of infusoria developed and the
daphnia rose above it and even seemed to feed on it.  Daphnia pulses
were every 3-4 days.  Feed a yeast mixture every 2 days unless water
above or below the infusoria is cloudy.  Add lettuce as it decomposes.
Not more then 2-3 leaves as it will begin to smell if more then that is
added.  Once a week add 1 level teaspoon of baby food (peas work good).
I like this set up as it gives you a good mix of the levels of the
tank.  Daphnia tend to stay in the top 1/4 layer which make them easy to
harvest.  Next layer down is Infusoris and takes up half the tank.
(they are providing food for daphnia)  Next layer down (bottom quarter)
provides food that is usuable by all tank inhabitants.  Culture (if not
overfed and harvested properly will last at least 6 months with little
or no unpleasent oders.
Heat whould be about 76-78 Degrees