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raising daphnia in a planted aquarium

I have limited room right now and extra aquarium plants.  I am going to set 
up three ten gallon aquariums to raise daphnia.  My basic plan is to put some 
potted plants in with the daphnia.  My thoughts are the CO2 the daphnia 
generates will be good for the plants.  I will use light aeration and plenty 
of grow lights.  

A couple of questions would be should I also put gravel in aquarium and
maybe an undergravel filter?

One more experienced person was concerned that the plants would compete with 
the desirable algae for nutrients.

This year I put aquarium plants in my outdoor daphnia magna pond and they are 
doing well.  (The daphnia culture crashed a week ago but I figure that was 
due to high temperatures:  bottom water temperature showed 92*F the other 

All thoughts and comments welcome.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA