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I am currently keeping amphipods and cyclops in a 2.5g heavily planted
tank with no problem, tho currently I do have 40 watts of light over it :)
I have found that the plants do compete with the algae for nutrients but
the key in my opinion is a slight excess nutrients :) namely phosphates,
iron and nitrates.  These will give the algae a bit of a boost and if not
to high it will no affect plant growth.

the colonies of amphipods and cyclops is very healthy and thriving in this
tank after there introduction about 4-5 months ago.  I also have some
unidentified worms in this tank in the substrate as well as at least 3
types of snails (greater ramshorn, malayian trumpets and not many pond)
The fish inhabitants are 3 small molly's, there parents are not that big
(hybrids perhaps?) that are in my 20g and they are about the same size

Hope this helps,