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RE: Live Foods Digest V1 #81

 "Simone e Pierluigi Vicini" <psvicini at mdnet_it> wrote:
><<<<<Subject: Earthworm
>I'm looking for earthworm. 
>Can anyone tell what do they look like? Maybe I'm searching for the wrong
>type of worm that's probably why I can't find them.
>Maybe it will be more easy to have the scientific name.>>>>>>

In Italy the red composting worms are often called "verme California
rosso". No idea where the name comes from. If you search the Net under
composting worms, probably you will find the scientific name. Common
gardenworms have a skin too thick for smaller fishes (even after
chopping), but small sections of the red composting earthworms can be
eaten even from the smallest Apistogramma and Dicrossus species, for