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> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 19:01:22 +0100
> From: "Simone e Pierluigi Vicini" <psvicini at mdnet_it>
> I'm looking for earthworm. 
> Can anyone tell what do they look like? Maybe I'm searching for the wrong
> type of worm that's probably why I can't find them.
> Maybe it will be more easy to have the scientific name.

Earthworms are a general term for the kinds of worms you find when
you dig in your garden.  Many of them belong to the genus Lumbricus.
They are annelids.

If you want to raise worms to feed your fish, you should get redworms,
also known as red wigglers, bait worms, manure worms or composting
worms.  These are usually Eisenia foetida or Lumbricus rubellus.
Unlike most garden earthworms, these species prosper in areas with
lots of rotting organic matter, such as manure piles and compost
heaps.  They do well in culture, where most garden earthworms don't.

If you collect worms for your fish, avoid areas that have been treated
with pesticides of any kind.