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RE: Bob's post

>On another note I just got back from my semi annual drive to Uncle Ned's 
>Fish Factory in Millis Mass.  In my quest for the out of the ordinary for 
>my 55 gal. tank I purchased 4  "Flower Shrimp". These are similar to Amano 
>Shrimp but much larger ( about 2 to 3 times the overall size of mature 
>Amano's). I usually do some studying before adding a new life form to my 
>setup, but these were way too interesting to pass up ( and I'm 135 miles 
>from Uncle Ned's!). The web page on freshwater shrimp is now gone and I 
>can't find any info on these critters. About the only thing I know is that 
>they are filter feeders. Anyone have anything more on these shrimp? 

These are good shrimp for the plant tank. I have heard they eat some algae
in other's tanks, although I cannot report on it personally. They get along
very well with other tank mates.
Nice addition.

>FYI- Uncle Ned's now has a very large supply  (according to an employee 
>about a thousand! ) of real SAE's in stock ready to go, they are about 1 
>1/2" . They do mail order, but have a min. order. They also have Amano 
>shrimp available also, and something labeled as a "Giant Otto", which 
>appears very much like the standard ones only about 3 inches long. They had 
>no info on these creatures, anyone ever seen or heard about these?

Need a pic but it could be Hypoptopoma species as they are about that size
and look close to otto's. See World of Catfish to check up on it. They are
very nice fish and somewhat different than the typical otto cat. It may be
hard for some to locate it in the Atlas of Catfishes (Dr. Burgess) but it's
in there too.

Tom Barr