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Fw: 1999-12-29 VP Announces Increased Access to Local Drinking Water

Are there any residents of the Des Moines area on this list?

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Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 10:40 AM
Subject: 1999-12-29 VP Announces Increased Access to Local Drinking Water

>                               THE WHITE HOUSE
>                        Office of the Vice President
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> For Immediate Release                                  December 29, 1999
(202) 456-7035
>      Washington, D.C. - Vice President Al Gore today announced that for
> first time, the public will have access to "real-time" information about
> the quality of their local drinking water.  A new Internet site piloted by
> the Des Moines Water Works and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
> (EPA) will allow the public to obtain up-to-the-minute information on the
> concentration of individual contaminants in Des Moines' drinking water.
>      "America's families deserve timely, useful, and accurate
> and public health information," said Vice President Al Gore.  "This new
> site is just one example how we can improve the public's right to know, so
> that the public can use environmental information to make decisions that
> protect their health and the health of their families."
>      The new drinking water web site, found at http://www.dmww.com/empact,
> was developed by the Des Moines Water Works as part of the
> Environmental Monitoring for Public Access to Community Tracking - or
> EMPACT - program.  EMPACT aims to work with communities to make easily
> understandable environmental information available.
>      The new Des Moines Water Works/EMPACT web site provides drinking
> information in an  user-friendly format and makes it readily available to
> the general public.  Specifically, the site provides the public with
> to information on individual contaminants in Des Moines' drinking water
> supply as it leaves the treatment plant.  This information can be accessed
> over any period of time and in variety of formats, including both tables
> and graphs.  The site also provides helpful information on each
> contaminant, including potential public health impacts and existing EPA
> standards.
>      In addition, the site provides access to other useful drinking water
> information, including answers to frequently asked questions, information
> on the treatment processes and source waters used by the Des Moines Water
> Works.  The site also provides on-line access to the new Consumer
> Confidence Report required by the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking
> Water Act as signed by President Clinton.
>      The Des Moines Water Works/EMPACT site is a model system for
> public access to local drinking water and public health information.  This
> new system, as developed through EPA's EMPACT program, can now serve as a
> model and be used by other drinking water systems around the country to
> improve the public's access to timely and accurate information about the
> quality of their drinking water.
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