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Hair Algae and Iron

I and another subscriber, in comparing notes on our hairy algae problem, both 
found that a deluge coincided with addition of iron fertilization to the 
tank. I have not added iron since and am getting the algae under control. I 
don't currently test for iron, and may consider doing this before future iron 

<< I just set up a 45 gallon tank (36x12x24) with a 96 watt CF and reflector 
on 12,
 off 12, CO2 injection and Flourite substrate. The tank has had plants in it 
for about
 three or four weeks. In the aquarium are many big sword plants, Gymnocoronis,
 Alternanthera reinkeckii, Lilaeopsis brazilensis and Saggitaria. Lately I 
have been
 getting a lot of hair algae. It comes off the leaves fairly easily but is 
 annoying. I have been using Seachem's Flourish as a fertilizer but the last 
time I
 used it I got green water. I successfully diatomed it out about three days 
ago. My
 questions is is the hair algae there because of too much iron? I really 
doubt it
 because some of my swords are turning a little yellow. I am worried however 
to add
 more Flourish because of what happened the last time. Should I use Flourish 
 instead? >>