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Hair Algae and Iron

Tim Marks wrote:

> I just set up a 45 gallon tank (36x12x24) with a 96 watt CF and reflector
> on 12, off 12, CO2 injection and Flourite substrate.
> Lately I have been getting a lot of hair algae. My questions is is the
> algae there because of too much iron? I really doubt it
> because some of my swords are turning a little yellow. I am
> worried however to add more Flourish because of what happened
> the last time. Should I use Flourish Iron instead?

Tim, if you're afraid your algae has resulted from too much iron, don't
switch to Flourish Iron.  That preparation is not a fertilizer per se, it's
straight iron.  A test kit would help clue you in, of course.  Yellow color
is not always caused by iron.  Nitrates would be one area to look at, and
Potassium deficiency can cause the similar symptoms.

> I have Farlowellas, Otocinclus and an ancistrus in there for algae, but
none of
> them eat the hair algae.

Live bearers eat hair algae, as do C. japonica shrimp.
Hope this helps.
michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com