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Re: Hair algae bandaid

> Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 17:09:44 -0700
> From: Tim Marks <lateralis at worldnet_att.net>
> Subject: Hair Algae and Iron

>     I just set up a 45 gallon tank (36x12x24) with a 96 watt CF and
reflector on 12,
> off 12, CO2 injection and Flourite substrate. The tank has had plants in
it for about
> three or four weeks. In the aquarium are many big sword plants,
> Alternanthera reinkeckii, Lilaeopsis brazilensis and Saggitaria. Lately I
have been
> getting a lot of hair algae.(snip)

I would suggest some faster growing plants.  More variety between fast and
slow growing
plants will usually reduce the algae problems.   I also doubt that you have
too much iron
as that would more likely produce an algae bloom such as green water.

Hair algae is a good thing, at least to some extent.  Its' development means
you are doing
most eveything right.  It also is considered by some to be just a stage
along the way to
a balanced plant tank.  Generally an outbreak of hair algae will run its'
course. In the mean
time you could add several Rosey Barb males.  They love hair algae and turn
very red
as a result.  Slow your feeding, as they can be as lazy as the rest of the
algae eaters when
food is in abundance.  The downside:  Rosey Barbs will begin eating plants
when they run
out of hair algae!  I use them as a work crew and remove them when their job
is finished. 8-)