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I have a 55 gallon tank with about 2-3 inches of rather (can't remember the 
dimesions)small regular gravel at the moment.  I am interested in growing 
average freshwater aquarium plants, nothing really fancy.  I don't have a 
CO2 system, and I have a double 48" flourescent strip light.  I have tried 
peat in my planted tanks before, and was not fond of it (I know, some people 
like it...I just didn't).  I would like to know if additional substrate 
would be beneficial to my plants:

Nymphoides aquatica,Crinum thaianum, Echinodorus amazonicus, Nomaphila 
stricta, Rotala indica, Vallisneria spiralis, Hydrocotyle 
leucocephala(getting rid of this....), Lilaeopsis brasiliensis,
Vallisneria tortifolia, Microsorium pteropus, and Vesicularia dubyana

People mention many differant substrates, but never mention what exactly 
they are appropriate for.  Any suggestions? Also, can any of these 
substrates be added to already established aquarium with minimal effort 
(added to the top, or just lightly mixed into gravel)?  I would prefer 
substrate that would be appropriate at a neutral- 7.5 pH.  Thanks for the 


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