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Re: FUN....gus

... I just went and pulled out my Raven/Curtis "Biology of Plants and found
>that there is at least one primarily terrestrial order, Peronosporales that
>forms free swimming zoospores when free water is available.

Thanks! This was a idea that seems like a good canidate for fungus control. 

>This is not to say that your strategy can't work at least some of the time.
> Most algae are _very_ specific about their growing conditions, and this is
>also true of most fungi.  The ones we have trouble with in the aquarium are
>the relatively few that happen to really like conditions just like those we
>provide in the aquarium.  Try to bring a "wild" alga in to a tank and
>maintain it though.  It can be a very, very difficult thing to do.

I found some fungus on the plant leaves from the dead bugs, this was not
attacking the plant though. A simple rub off job. I think drying has a good
effect on the mold and mildew if you can set up a nice way to dehumidify
precisely as not to hurt the
plants but dry and kill the mold/fungus.
No rots/molds etc can live without water for long at all................ the
plants are way better at it........... those damn spores though.........<g>
This could be another way of torturing fungus(mild dessication).

 A small fan might help also
and it would make the plants nice thick and stout. There are things to try
that will work with the right technique that we have laying around the house
or some cheap to add.
A competing ground cover also. Seems like there are many ways to control the

It could be used for fixing a problem or added to beat up on fungus in the
long term.
Adding water every week for a few hours(any time frame?) ever work well for
I hope the green eyed tree frogs do well. I'm adding a pair and hopefully
I'll get a clutch someday.
I think duckweed is my biggest pain in my tanks. There are others

Take care,
Tom Barr