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unidentified parasite

Someone please help me to identify this possible parasite in one of my 
tanks.  They are 1mm (the biggest one i can find), have a clear-colorless 
silicate back/shell, stick to the class, have to remove with a razor or 
squash em where they are.  There are at least fifty of them, an apparent 
explosion!  I have not been in the tank in two weeks or more so they may 
have been there for a while, i only noticed them when i ran my fingers on 
the glass and felt these little bumps all over the place.  In case it is 
important, it is a 55gallon, pH of 7.2, temp of 76F, moderately planted.  
Last fish store addition to the tank was a clown knife (Notopterus chitala), 
ohh SHOOT! and the guppies that I have been feeding him!  last feeding was 
12 days ago.  So chances are they came in on the guppies, but what the heck 
are they, please anyone give me some clues and whether or not they are 
harmful, fish are not showing any signs.

Thank you for reading, Hacksent Naltler

finals are over =)
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