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RE: Aponogeton madagascariensis


> My has a flower and seeds are forming.  Any
> one with experience?

I collected some of the seed off the stalk, others I let drop into the tank,
and others yet ended up in a breeder net inside the tank. Most of them
sprouted roots, and tiny leaves. Once they reached 2" in size, I tried to
plant them in a separate aquarium but didn't have enough light (I think). I
will have to try again.

> Water: Frequent water changes, 78F, pH around 8, CO2 yeast, lotsa lights,
> peat substrate, fertilizer sticks for ferns - thanks Michael-,

It seems that A.m. is a very heavy root feeder (just look at the root system
of an established plant). But once it's happy, it's growing like mad.
Some time ago I asked the list what to do with a bulb which had developed a
daughter bulb. What I finally did was to rip the whole thing out (what a
mess of roots!), cut the roots, break the two bulbs apart, and replant the
smaller one. It didn't take long before the leaves came out just as a big as

Michael Eckardt