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Re: "Potassium proteinate"

> From: "Ron Barter" <mistnfrost at superaje_com>
> Subject: potassium proteinate complex
>     A trip to our local drug store yeilded nothing in the way of potassium
> gluconate, but I was able to buy a bottle of 50 mg potassium tablets, the
> contents on the back listed as "potassium proteinate complex". Do any of the
> "chemists" out there know if this is in a form usable by plants? The term
> "complex" has me somewhat concerned; what else am I adding to the tank
> besides potassium if I use this?

	It is pretty difficult to get potassium into a form that wouldn't
be usable by plants, so I doubt that you have a problem there.  The anion
is probably some poorly characterised organic material, which is unlikely
to cause a problem in the sort of quantity you have, but that brings me
to the main problem - this will be a very expensive way of adding potassium.
I got my last lot of potassium sulphate from B&B Hydropopnic Gardens, at
375 McArthur Ave., Vanier (Ottawa).  (613 744 6786)

	The next time you are in town, go and get a few hundred grams, which
will cost all of a couple of bucks.  They are pretty disorganised in that
store, so you may have to help the assistant find the stuff!

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada