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Re: Hydrologix, and articles

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, II, Thomas Barr wrote:

> Yea , like they came up with the "hydro filters" themselves or something
> ..................
> This has been done about 15 +years ago by Tunze and myself and a bunch of
> Cichlid keepers before us.

Kind of annoying name, since there are already "Hydro Filters" out there,
namely the excellent sponge filters made by Aquarium Technology (or is it
Aquarium Products?).

I remember when I bought _The Living Aquarium_ nearly 10 years back now
(alas, it's out of print).  What a book!  It showed you how to build your
own fishtanks out of glass or wood.  It had a plan for a pentagonal corner
tank.  It showed examples of biotope aquaria.  And on one of the pages, it
had a drawing of this filtration system that passed the water through a
series of channels (not unlike the lines to check in at the airport) in a
tray on the back of the tank.  Little potted hydroponically-grown plants
were shown in the channels.  Best thing was that you could build it out of
maybe $5 worth of acrylic (or maybe even a Rubbermaid tray!).

If you go back even further, like to dawn of the hobby 100 years ago, such
systems were the ONLY known method of "balance" to keep the nutrients low.

Anyway, yeah, maybe it's just a piece of brown plastic, and yeah, maybe
you can do the same thing by buying an Aquaclear-300 and just not using
the carbon, but it's kind of cool to see this make a comeback in a
commercial product (well, I use that somewhat loosely, since it looks like
Hydro is yet another 1-person operation trying to fill the voids missing
since Dupla, Amano, Sandpoint & others have made themselves scarce around
these parts or have raised their prices to prohibitive levels... go to
the link to Aquarium Frontiers from their gallery and you find the tanks 
are owned by one Tom Mars.  Yeah, this stuff looks like "hey, I could
build this and sell them" kinds of products.  Oh well.).

  - Erik

PS: Some DIY articles and discussions (I don't plug the Krib that much, so
perhaps that will excuse all the links this time)...

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Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com