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Re: Hydrologix

Yea , like they came up with the "hydro filters" themselves or something

This has been done about 15 +years ago by Tunze and myself and a bunch of
Cichlid keepers before us.

You can build the same thing they have for about 5$ each out of ABS plastic
sold at the local plastics store that sells acrylic etc. A sump model is
even less. It's easy to work with and looks like the same stuff. You can
also use Black acrylic if you want to. It can look very nice too (DIY). I'll
 be happy to do a follow up article in PAM on one soon. Perhaps some DIY
kits might be in order here. I have one on a jpeg that's about 7-8 years old
now. The same style of black boxes are also sitting out back after I took
them down some years ago. I also have an internal/external filter box that
works like this filter with heater in it.  

The riccia rocks look like they are about tear off if they grow any. Lava
rocks work better IMO than the smooth river stones. Buy a hairnet......it
takes 10 seconds to toss some Riccia in there with a rock and just buy loose
Riccia instead. Save your money and do it yourself. 

Compare Dave Gomberg's CO2 stuff to their CO2 stuff also. Smaller and
cheaper. The reactors look like saltwater clones not FW plant reactors. You
certainly do not need such a monster unless you have a 3000 gallon tank.
Again simple reactors are very easy to build and the CO2 equipment is also
easy to obtain by looking through the archives. Perhaps some DIY kits for
reactors -again-might be in order here.

Cables? Considered critical for long term plant growth success? We have been
around with this issue several times on the APD. Amano has been doing with
out it for years and years. So have I.
I've had better luck with the RFUG's than cables. They are much cheaper too.
Not as cheap as osmosis (no flow-no cables/RFUG'd etc nothing under the
gravel) though!

Save your money is all I have to say. SAE's are good to buy but I have no
experience buying them from this company or heard any feedback. Anyone that
sells them has my support but the products need to come down in cost. It
doesn't cost *that* much to make some of this stuff. 
Oh, Bob has a great site full "O" links! Very nice Bob!
Tom Barr 

>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 05:28:18 -0500
>From: "Bob" <luna at cshore_com>
>Subject: Found a new site-mailorder SAE's, Riccia etc.
>In my quest for links for my links page on planted aquariums I have found a 
>site that offers planted tank supplies mail order. They have real SAE's, 
>Living Riccia Rocks, CO2 equipment and what they call "Hydro" filters. I 
>have not seen this site mentioned here before so forgive me if this is old 
>news. Their web site is at: http://www.hydrologix.com/. I have no 
>connection whatsoever with this company, but I know that SAE's can be very 
>hard to find and this site seems to be a good one.
>Bob Buettner
>from waiting for our first snow in Northwest CT
>For lots of great links visit my links page at: