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Starting up fertilization again

Hi all.

Well, I've been having a bit of a hard time recently with my tank.
However, instead of a huge sob story, I'll just give this synopsis.
*Lot's* of algea. Tried PMDD, started to have some success. Filter failed.
Got it working again, only to have a HUGE bacterial bloom and a terrible
smell of hydrogen sulphide.  Fixed filter (added a backup as well),
did 2 30% water changes a day for a week.  Bacterial bloom killed
*all* of the algea (and some of my fish :-().

So now my tank has been crystal clear for about a week.  The fish seem
happy.  There is virtually no algea in the tank.  I would like to keep it
that way, but I know that the algea is likely to return if I don't get
back to my PMDD.

The question is: how should I start?  I have stopped injecting CO2 for
the moment.  Should I start it first, or should I start with the PMDD?
In the past I have had problems with nitrate being limited.  Should I
get my nitrates up to 5 ppm first and then start adding the other
fertilizers, or should I do it all at once?  Or perhaps I should leave
well enough alone for a few weeks (only, I'm starting to notice pelt
algea reappearing on my swords).

               Any advice would be greatly appreciated.