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info about the browned plants

The pH of the tank (29g) is 6.8, GH 9deg., KH 4deg., 26-27deg. temp, about 1 
1/2" layer of gravel (not colored or anything) with Root Tab iron fertilizers 
put into gravel around monthly, plus water fertilizer (FloraPride) and 
Flourish conditioner for plants.  Water changes are 10 to 14 days, seriously, 
no nitrite/ammonia probs, never tested for nitrate, filter is a Whisper 
Power, model 3, biobag changed regularly.  The tank top only has room for one 
standard flourescent so lighting is limited, it's a 20 watt "vitalight," on 
almost 12 hours a day.  Fish include 8 Tiger Barbs and 3 3" Clown Loaches 
plus the 2 Foxes.  Plants have included a variety, bacopa, cabomba (never 
again, need too much light for my tank to stay bushy), hygrophilia.  The fish 
are fed twice a day, flake on top, a couple tabs on the bottom, occasionally 
dry food treats like water fleas.  No CO2 devices.  Those are all the stats.  
Now that they're all together, I think I'll save them for my own files!