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pet vs pets warehouse

Thanks for the clarification on the Pet(s) Warehouse thing.  I placed an
order last week with the Pet Warehouse (junk mail catalog folks) and
started getting all the emails as well.  I just assumed it was from them
and forgot about the Pets group (timing is everything). I checked the
email address and ya'll are right.  Different group.  Mine also went
through the digest path to irritate me. Thanks for the info.

After all the info on the pets people I have seen on this list in the
past, I don't deal with them either.

I can understand getting one unsolicited message with a remove
instruction, but I am getting spammed to death by the same groups over
and over again and the remove emails  never get through.

As far as I am concerned, spamming is about as effective with me as
these folks who scream on the commercials to buy their car.  You can
always change the channel but it is irritating to have these spams
clogging up my mailbox.  This is really nasty but I would love to send a
continuous stream of emails back to all the groups who keep doing this
to me.  An infinte loop sounds delightful!