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Fertilizing Question

Hi all;

I have read extensively about your experiment with PMDD.  So, I was wondering 
if you could give me a little guidance?  I really appreciate all your 
experiments and documentation that you share so freely.

I have been trying out PMDD.  The only thing is my Tetra Nitrate test kit is 
not sensitive to low levels.  It goes from 0 ppm to 12.5 ppm to 25 ppm etc.  
What Nitrate test kit do you use?  What would you recommend?

How would you recommend dosing Tropica Mastergrow on a daily basis?  Right 
now I just mix 1 tbsp of Potassium Nitrate and 2 tbsp of Potassium Sulfate 
with 500 ml of water.  I dose about 23 ml of that mixture daily for a 125 
gallon tank.  As far as the Tropica Mastergrow fertilizer, I just dose 75 ml 
of it on a weekly basis when I change my water.  I plan to split my 
Mastergrow dosing to 3 x week of the aforementioned amount (3 x 25 ml = 75 ml 
total per week).  Also, I plan on getting a better or more sensitive nitrate 
kit to keep my Nitrate levels at about 5 ppm.  Please note, I am two days 
into this new cycle.

The reason I started PMDD was the accumulation of algae (brown fur type, long 
strands of green algae with maybe some bba mixed in).  I tested for 
phosphates with my Dupla test kit, which gave absolutely no reading (0).  I 
also tested for nitrates with my Tetra kit, which gave absolutely no reading 
(0).  All this algae started to happen when I upgraded my aquarium lights 
from 260 watts to 392 watts via 2 x 96 watt (192) of power compact 
fluorescent, which replaced 2 x 30 watts (60) of normal output fluorescent.  
Also, I did a pretty brutal trimming a week later and it's been going 
downhill ever since.

I know this is a lot to ask of you, but any information would be greatly 


PS  When do you dose?  When the lights are on or does it matter (evening or