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FW: U.K. dealer

Those of you in the UK might be interested in the attached information
regarding UK agents for LaMotte.

Currently I'm going to stick with the Seachem iron kit, providing that they
fulfil their promise to mail me some replacement reagent to cure the
'yellow' problem I have with the kit I bought from Shirley Aquatics.  I'd be
interested to know, however, if anyone uses 'Reagecon Analytical'.


-----Original Message-----
From: LaMotte Company [mailto:lamotte at dmv_com] 
Sent: 08 December 1999 22:33
To: kevin.buckley at nectech_co.uk
Subject: U.K. dealer

To:  Kevin Buckley
Re:  test kits in U.K.

Thank you for your email regarding your interest in our kits.  We have a
distributor in Oxford you can contact. They probably won't have these kits
in stock but could include them with their next airfreight order.  The 7787
kit contains reagents which are classified as hazardous for shipping
purposes so it can't ship via mail.  Our distributor is:

	Reagecon Analytical
	Contact:  Ron Bourton
	email: reagecon at community_co.uk
	Tel:  01865 774677  

Best Regards,
Nancy Patrick