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Re: Shoplights; too good to be true?

I use almost all shop lights. I have 11 of them right now, and need to
get a few more. I use one kitchen/bathroom light (from the
recommendation of someone on the list previously) and a cool white. The
kitchen bathroom lights are a pinkish. I do think that using one of each
helps. With the amount of lights I use I couldn't afford to use much
else. :)

I do have good plant growth. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. The
fixtures do wear out pretty fast and sometimes you just a get a bad one,
and it will burn bulbs. I put a sticker with a note and the date on it
if I think one is acting up and see when I have to change it again. They
usually last a few years.

One other nice thing about them is you can cover them with contact
paper. I think you can spray paint them also. I have one in my living
room, under a 50g. There are two 15g's under the light. I used light oak
colored contact paper and covered the edges of both the 2 tanks (one was
dark oak and one was black) and the shop light, to match the 50 on top.
It looks like they were all just made that way.



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