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Re: Nitrate limited ?

There has been some posts lately bashing the Tetra nitrate test kit, so let 
me step in on its side, since I've been very happy with it. See my old post:


I've been using this test kit (I'm running the second kit now) for the
past four months, and it's perfectly reliable and usable in the 0 -10 ppm
range, provided you doesn't need a very fine resolution. Of course, you should
be able to mix your own nitrate reference, but if you're in PMDD this is not 
an issue.

If you have trouble in comparing the vial with the color chart, use multiple
vials with reference solutions. I've been doing this occasionaly using old
vials from other expired Tetra kits, and works great. One can then compare 
the vials sidewise or even from above, instead from the front, thus looking 
thru a longer path in the liquid. It gets easier to see differences of a 
few ppm.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD