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Green water solution.

I have found a solution for my green water problem I have been having for a
month or two. My water was so green you could not see into the tank more
than 2 inches. I have a 25 gallon tank heavily planted in Hygrophila
Difformis and Hygrophila Polysperma. I have a 2.4 watts per gallon of light
and have DIY CO2 injected into the intake of my Magnum 200. The plants were
growing like crazy and everything was cool till about two months ago my
water started to haze over and turn green. I tried Mardel's product Brite n'
Clear to no avail. Nothing I tried made a dent in the green "fog" in my
tank. In fact it got much worse! My fish were fine and my plants seemed to
be still growing very well but when I took some leaves from one of my plants
I could tell they were not getting as much light as they needed because of
the fog. I tried more light/less light, water changes with RO water, less
Flourish and Flourish Iron and other things for a month or more trying to
find a balance to get rid of the algae but nothing worked. Well, I was
surfing all over the webs sites and in this lists archives when the owner of
my LFS sold me a new pleated paper filter for my Magnum and gave me some
diatom powder and told me how to use it. Well, I installed the filter into
the Magnum and stirred about 1/4 cup of diatom powder into a small bucket
and stirred it up really well and put the inlet and outlet hoses over into
the bucket and started the Magnum and ran it until the water was clear in
the bucket, then I hooked into up to the tank and started it up. Within
about 20-30 minutes I could see the back of the tank! In about an hour it
was very clear and the next morning it was absolutely crystal clear!  The
filter is a bright green and the water is clearer than I have ever seen it!
The diatoms are very very fine and helps the Magnum filter even the smallest
particles out of the water.

This really works!

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