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Yet another SAE story

Several weeks ago I dropped in to my LFS (my only option besides
PetsMart) which is pretty lousy for fresh water.  I was perusing the
tanks when I found a 4" long SAE by itself  in a tank (I've been looking
for so long I carry the ID criteria in my pocket planner <g>).  No
label, no price.  Pointing to the tank, I asked the guy working there
how much the Siamese Algae Eater.  He gave me a blank stare so I
reworded the question and asked about the Flying Fox.  He looked into
the aquarium again and said "that's some kind of rasbora"!!  I tried to
convince him differently but he insisted it was a  "black line
rasbora".  He showed me a second tank with 1 1/2" false siamensis in it,
clearly labeled "black line rasbora" at $2.59 each.  As I was checking
out the owner commented that it sure was an unsually large rasbora.  I
really could not believe it especially when reading the description in
Baensch and he refers to how almost every aquarium store carries them
(yes I know its German).

Anyway, yet another SAE story.


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