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Re: Nitrate limited?


>I use the Tetra Nitrate testing kit.  It has read 0 since I got it.   The
>next readable measurement in the kit is 12.5.  I was wondering what a
>better kit would be.  Has anyone dealt with Hach?  Which particular one

Tetra kits I have issues with as there vials are rectangular and there's
about 4 different viewing angles each resulting in a different color
readings!!!! they fail to answer my emails and I just droped there line
for my usage.  The nitrate kit that I currently use is aquarium pharm.  It
seems to be fairly sensitive and a somewhat narrow scale between results.

Hach is good but tends to be a bit pricy, however if you are looking for a
quality lifetime lab grade test kit then go with lamotte (www.lamotte) you
can order directly from them.  Also check www.mopetshop.com as they carry
some of the same kits at cheaper rates.  With the lamotte kit the refills
are alot cheaper than the initial investments are.

>is the best for us?  Also, my tank has been reading 0 phosphatesever 
>since I started testing with the Dupla kit.  Does anyone know how to
>supplement the tank for phosphates?  What dose?

I've never used the dupla test kit.