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Turface density

I hope this has not been covered before, but I have a question for folks who are
familiar with Turface as a substrate.  I am setting up a tank trying to
reproduce a small relatively fast stream.  I plagiarized the idea from this web
page (http://www.loaches.com/river_tank.shtml) My version will be very similar
except I am using a 75.
My question is, is turface dense/heavy enough to not get blown around by a the
strong current 2 aqua clear 802's will create?
On a side note this tank is going to have a really cool background. I now have
access to a kiln, as soon as I can get away from my desk today I'm buying a big
box of clay to shape into  walls, and caves. I've read that java fern is native
to stream environments. So the whole back wall will be a mass of java. I'll have
fun experimenting with what plants do well in current.  Gotta get back to work.

Thanks Scott