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I think I remember an article on the Krib about someone spilling a half cup 
of coffee into a tank of fish that hadn't spawned no matter what was 
tried... The next couple days after the spillage, they spawned.  Perhaps it 
is somewhat similar to peat filtered blackwater?  Lower pH and yellow 
water...  Hmmmm


Amelia writes:

>Does anyone know of the effects of a mild brew of coffee on
>  plants or fish?  Does anyone have any idea whether daily (or more, if
>  needed, I love this tank) would be sufficient or whether I need to tear
>  down the tank and start it over?  I'm guessing that about 1-1.5
>  tablespoons of coffee are left in the tank.  Thanks,
>  Amelia

The most likely effect will be a lower pH and slight yellowing of the water.
Other than that, don't panic.Bob Dixon

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