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Roger Wrote

> http://www.hagenpet.com/nutrafin/lowphos.html
> They advertise a food formulated to help reduce algae problems caused by 
> high phosphorus levels. They also state:
> "The dietary requirement of phosphorus for fish has a very narrow ideal 
> range. It should be higher than 0.5% but not exceed 0.9%"
> There is a big chance that this factoid is constructed to support their 
> self-interest. Assuming that it's correct, then it's an interesting 
> detail to keep in mind. They don't mention how much nitrogen needs to 
> accompany that ideal phosphorus content.

I have also read that Hagen foods are low in phosphorus.  The problem is, that
given the choice, my fish won't eat it.  I'm sure I could starve them into
submission<g> but don't see the point when I don't have phosphate problems

Other than just plain over stocking and over feeding, I think one of the
biggest contibuting factors to phosphate elevels that is food related is all
the "juice" and tiny pieces that are too small for the fish to bother with in
frozen foods.  One of the best ways you can lessen the amount of phosphate
introduced with feeding is to carefully rinse and drain all frozen foods before
putting them into the tank.