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Re: CaOH and KH

Larry Jones wrote:

> I don't think CaOH will work for increasing your KH. You want to
> increase the concentration of CO3(-) in your tank. That is why adding
> Na2CO3, or CaCO3 or KCO3 works. This adds to the buffer.

This is not strictly correct as the OH side of Ca(OH)2 will react with
the dissolve carbon dioxide to form the carbonate, thus raising the KH.

Calcium hydroxide is a commonly use chemical to supplement calcium and
carbonate to marine aquariums.  This is probably how the original poster
got it in the auction.

In anycase, as another poster pointed out Calcium hydroxide is very
strong base with a pH of 12 and it is not a good idea to use it directly
in a planted aquarium.

Keep aerating a solution of calcium hydroxide will produce fine powder
of calcium carbonate, which can be used safely.

Louis Lin

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