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Re: Calcium

Justin asked:

> Does calcium hydroxide raise kH, and if so, how much do I need to add to 100
> gallons of water to raise the kH 1 degree?  Also, is there any good reason
> to raise kH but not GH?  I ask because I am looking to supplement calcium,
> and I already have a bunch of calcium hydroxide I accidentally got at an
> auction.  I've been using sodium bicarbonate to raise the kH of my really
> soft Northwest water, but have been running into problems with low calcium
> levels for my MTS and (I think) some of my swords. 

Use CaCl2 to adjust your Ca levels, and only the GH will change. 
You raise the KH to level out the pH swings when adding CO2, ~4-
5 degrees. You raise the GH to get harder water and provide more 
Ca and Mg. Ca(OH)2 is basic and will alter your pH. Keep using 
the baking soda (cheap, effective) and add CaCl2 for Ca, or CaCO3 
to raise both KH and GH, without baking soda. 


Jamie Johnson
Greenwood, SC
jjohnson at davisfloyd_com
jjirons at greenwood_net  (home)