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Plant ID help needed

At our last aquarium society meeting, a man was leaving town and 
auctioned off all of his plants and fish. He didn't know the names 
of all of his plants. There was one plant that I found to be very 
unique and interesting so I bought it. The only problem is that I 
haven't been able to figure out what it is. I'm hoping that some 
APD list members can help. The bag had 2 plants, one was very small 
and the other was more mature. I put the small one in our 75G and the
big one in our 37G. Both had tubers. The general shape of the leaves 
is similar to a submersed Amazon Sword plant. But it is a lighter shade
of green and the texture is more delicate. As the leaves grow 
bigger(they're probably 12 inches on the mature plant), they tend to 
become ruffled around the edges. Also, near the edges of the leaves, 
are small rectangular black spots. It's almost a checkboard pattern. 
Like I said, this pattern is only by the leaf edges and it's not 
contiguous. Much of the leaf edge is just the normal light green. 
The mature plant also had some unique leaves, each attached to a long 
flexible stem, kind of like a leaf attached to a green string. These 
leaves float of the surface. Just yesterday, I noticed that the mature 
plant sent up what looks like a flower stock. It hasn't bloomed yet 
so I don't know what the flower looks like.

My 2 tanks both have injected CO2, approximately 2 watts/gallon, 
PH 6.7 - 7.0, Karl Schoeler's Substrate Gold, and Tropica Mastergrow. 
I also supplement the water with KNO3 twice a week. In both tanks, 
this plant is thriving. I've searched my books and all over the 
internet but I haven't been able to possitively ID it. My best guess 
is that it's some kind of Aponogeton but I don't know which one. It 
looks similar to the picture of Aponogeton Elongatus that I found at 
http://www.obbit.se/~joulun/vaxter/apo_elo.html. The only problem was 
that the picture was very tiny, thus the checkerboard pattern was not 
visible(if it even existed) and the description was in a foreign 
language which I don't understand. It also didn't show the "leaves on 
a green string".

Does anyone have an idea what this plant is ?

	Keith Woestehoff