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Re: CO2 gone quickly

> my CO2 used up within a month or so. My question is what possibly went wrong
> with my CO2 system. I have a commercial CO2 reactor, check valve and plastic
> tubing connected to the system. Is gas leakage a possible cause of the problem
> and how do I find out where the leakage is?

> Patrick Ng

One way to check for where there is a possible gas leakage in your assembly is to use
the bubble test.  Make some soapy water and then apply it to your system wherever you
suspect there could be a leak.  The escaping air will cause bubbles to form around
the opening that is letting the air out.  Then the hard part is fixing the leak.  

I also had a problem with a tank losing its CO2 really quickly.  When my five pound
tank ran out, I went and replaced it.  Unfortunately, I didn't make sure the
connection between the regulator and tank was clean and had a good washer.  The next
day, I had an empty cylinder again.  Now that is a dramatic leak, but I wish I had
checked a bit more carefully.  I didn't realize how much gas would be escaping when a
quiet hiss could be heard!  A slower leak is much less obvious and the bubble test
will reveal where it is located.  

Jennifer Glover
(sunny, beautiful Waldorf, Maryland)