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Re: comments on water analysis (and pH question)

>Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 19:46:32 -0600 (MDT)
>From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
>Subject: Re:  Comments on water analysis

Hello Roger, thanks for your comments. 

>Gee.  I wrote a response to this that should have shown up in APD V3 #1071
>but it didn't show up.  I'll try again.

I also had that problem this week. Did you send the message under another 
alias than the one to which your digest is mailed? 

>Actually, with regular water changes your 0.02 mg/l of iron might be
>sufficient.  Most things seem fairly well balanced, but if your plants

I'm very happy with that, I'll add no more fertilizer just change 25% of
the water every week or more frequent. 

>tend to drop old leaves before they should and especially if they have
>small holes and dead spots in the middle of the leaves then you might add
>a little potassium.  Magnesium is probably fine at 3.6 but if the plants'
>color seems too light green then you might try adding a little magnesium.
>Unfortunately the light green color isn't diagnostic and could be caused
>by several things.

>In looking at a water analysis like this, always remember that maintaining
>fish in the aquarium always adds substantial amounts of nutrients to the
>tank.  The nutrients in the analysis aren't all the nutrients that you're
>supplying to the tank.

I know but when the necessary trace elements aren't being added through 
water changes or fertilizer plants will show defficiencies or not? I mean
are fish providing any other nutrients for plants than ammonia, nitrate and
nitrogen ?

>> Physical-chemical parameters

>> average temperature          ░Celcius  11,5
>> dissolved oxygen             mg/l O2   10,0
>> turbidity factor             FTE       0,13
>>                              pH        7,25
>> satiation index              Sl        0,06
>> rest ▀ activity              Bq/l       <1
>> conductivity by 20░ Celcius  mS/m       36
>> oxidizability with KMnO4     mg/l O2    0,6
>> UV-extinction 254 nm         m-1        2,6

>> Anorganic parameters

>> hydrogencarbonate         mg/l HCO3   116
>> CO2                       mg/l CO2    2,4
>> aggressive carbonic acid  mg/l CO2   <0,5
>> Chloride                  mg/l Cl     46
>> Sulphate                  mg/l SO4    37
>> Sodium                    mg/l Na     22
>> Potassium                 mg/l K      1,2
>> Calcium                   mg/l Ca     50
>> Magnesium                 mg/l Mg     3,6
>> Total hardness            mmol/l      1,4
>>                           ░DH         7,8
>> Ammonium                  mg/l NH4   <0,01
>> Nitrogen                  mg/l NO2   <0,02
>> Nitrate                   mg/l NO3    0,2
>> Orthophosphate            mg/l PO4    0,03
>> Silicic acid              mg/l Si     6,5
>> Iron                      mg/l Fe     0,02
>> Manganese                 mg/l Mn    <0,01

>> Am I right in the assumption that the KH is 1?

>I calculated 5.3 degrees KH.  My Tetra test kit would read 6 degrees.

That's good. My test kit (color strip test) had a vague green color meaning 
2 or less. The petshop tested between 4-5 but there is a lot of contamination
in their tests. Tested with both several times but didn't know until now 
which was the most reliable. 

And I do have a new question, are there any factors which can *raise* the pH
in a tank besides certain rocks?


Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra