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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1073

I am not convinced that cardinals need overly warm water, I have kept them at 
68 to 72 degrees for at least 3 years which is several times their natural 
life spans of 9 months or so. As a matter of fact and I since I can't prove 
this most of you will not believe I had a group of 24 cardinals in a 120 gal 
tank kept at an average of around 70 degrees and after five years I still had 
7 of the original fish. I think that might be a record. They were fed mostly 
live food, daphnia, bloodworms, glassworms, and mosquito larva. They were 
kept with debawi cats (sp?) upside-down cats, Celebes rainbow fish, and 
several other small inoffensive fish and lots of live plants and dead wood.