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Java moss

Hello all,

I am happy to report that I have Java moss growing out my ears. I've got it
in three tanks now, tied to everything. It sure has helped keep the NO3
down in the tanks. It's GREAT for fry, they use it as their security
blanket. I have only one problem, if you call it a problem, I have reached
the threshold of what I need. I have been saving gobs of it and now have
enough to share. Email me off list (at this address) and I will be happy to
give it away. I've got enough to make about 10 golfball size sets. I should
be able to put it in a ziplock bag, blow in a little air so it does get
smooshed, and mail it in an envelope. It takes high or low light, heck it
grows the best in a 55G with 30W of Chroma50's.
BTW, it's algae free (at least the dreaded varieties)!!


Jamie Johnson
jjirons at greenwood_net
Greenwood, SC