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Re: Micro Plant Tank and questions

I have a regular 2.5 gallon tank (regular type).  I have a large (for the tank)
piece of driftwood covered in willow moss and some java fern.  I have some crypt
wendt's, and some dwarf sag in the tank.  The substrate is a little kitty litter
with some potting soil mixed in with a few osmocote beads.  It is topped by some
regular gravel.  It is about 1 1/2 inches deep.

I have a 25 watt heater on it.  A coral life "mini might" light on top with a 9
watt 5000k compact flourescent light.  It is a neat little contraption.  Before
this I had a 15 watt bulb over the tank (with some tissue paper cutting down on
the intensity).  The 15 watt worked well, the new light I have only had for a
few days but everything seems ok.

3 amano shrimp
1 oto (I thought there were 2, but one can't be found)
10-20 smallish ramshorn snails

I don't have any filtration.

This is my set-up.  No major algae probs, the fish and snails are keeping it
under control.  I dose with pmdd w/o the trace elements at water changes (about
once a week, maybe less often).

My questions are as follows:

The tank seems to have a temperature gradient from the top to the bottom of the
tank.  I haven't measured it but it is quite noticable with my hand on the side
of the tank.  It this bad (given a small gradient, say 2 degrees?).

What is the "holding capacity" of this tank?  Could I put in 2-3 1" fish like
neons or killies?  If I get this high, would I need to add filtration for the
extra biological strain?  What would be recommended (something with very good
flow control)?

Or maybe I will just keep it simple and leave it alone.


> Subject: Micro Plant Tank
> Does anyone have any tips for creating a "micro" plant tank?  I have been
> toying with idea of getting a very small rectangular tank, ~2.5 gal, and
> planting it.  I have a spare 13 watt compact fluorescent ballast & 5000K
> bulb, so I can DIY a small strip light.  Non-plant inhabitants would either
> be only a couple of ramshorn snails, or maybe a single betta.  Plant
> inhabitants would be limited to the very poor local selection, probably
> Anubias v. nana, dwarf Sag., or Lilaeopsis.  There may also be smaller
> crypts available, but I'll have to research which of the available ones stay
> small.  I have rarely seen E. tenellus.  I have also considered using a
> small internal "Duetto" filter with a sponge in it to give some mechanical &
> bio filtration, as well as circulation, although I'm not sure I need it.