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rigid pop bottles, etc.

David Robinson asked about rigid bottles. I have had great luck with plastic
bottles from V-8 vegetable juice. They have a wide bottom and a larger
mouth, plus they are quite strong. I use #8 or #9 pre-drilled rubber
laboratory stoppers on the top end with plastic tubes taken from spray
bottles stuck inside. Airline tubing then fits over the spray bottle tubes
and lead to the aquarium. This combination has worked for over a year with
no problems (or explosions.) It doesn't leak and I haven't had to do any
drilling or use any sealants.

By the way, this is my first post to the list after having lurked for a long
time. I just wanted to say this is the best place I have found for
information about aquatic plants, and the list has helped me establish a
simple planted aquarium that so greatly exceeds my last attempt it would be
foolish to compare the two. After about 18 months, our 35 gallon tank is
still filled with plants! The barbs reproduce and seem pretty happy. There
was a period about 9 months in where we had some hair algae, but after
switching to DI water and using a turkey baster to clean out the Whisper 3
every week that went away. 

Rod Piechowski