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I have a 55 gal tank and currently it has 40 watts of light and  the sun
hits it for about an hour.  I am thinking about raising the light level
to 80 watts by getting a shop light.  I ahd planned on using glass to
put under the light to make it stable and prevent condensation from
ruining the light over time.  I have since learned that glass reflects
light and the lighting that I have over the tank (hood)is probably not
getting through as much as I thought.  I was wondering what king of
setup I should use to pet under the shop light to make it stable.
Anchoring it to the ceiling is not an option at this time as I have drop
ceilings.  Any comments would be welcome.
Java ferns like a short photo period right?  Any idea as to the maximum
amount light that they like and how long a period they like to thrive?
I have read up on them and conflicting information appears.  If some of
you could give firsthand accounts I would appreciate it much.  My tank
is fertilzed regularly and has Very soft acidic water.  2 dh, kh
PH=6.3-6.8 No CO2 added.